Anonymous Feedback

For Teams

Allow members of your team to share feedback anonymously with you.

Give this link to all your reports (or share it more widely by having it be on your Slack status, for example), and empower colleagues to give you honest feedback that they may not feel comfortable delivering in person.

We don't capture any telemetry, and data is only submitted to us when the user makes it to the end of the form, so this is 100% anonymous.

Build on this example by creating an editable copy of this form.
export default async function () {
  await form.statement("**Hello!** 👋 This is Tim's feedback page.", {
    banner: true,
    description: `
You can use it to give him feedback about:

- Your experience on this team
- The team in general, or others on the team
- The team's workload or quarterly goals
- The organization at large
- Anything else that may be on your mind

**This form is _completely_ anonymous.**

  await form.long("What would you like Tim to know?");