Newsletter Signup

Sales & Marketing

A simple way to capture signups for your newsletter. Users can pick how often they want it delivered.

This form captures the user's email and preferred delivery cadence. You could extend it to capture more details, promote a referral program, or even accept a payment.

You can link to the form from your website or embed it, but you can use a form like this as your website.

Build on this example by creating an editable copy of this form.
export default async function () {
  await form.statement("Best Newsletter Ever", {
    description: "We deliver thoughtful & actionable content – straight to your inbox.",
    buttonText: 'Sign up now!',
    banner: {
      full: true,
      imageUrl: '',

  await form.short(`Let's start with your email address`, {email: true});

  await form.multi('And how often do you want the newsletter delivered?', [
    'Weekly', 'Biweekly', 'Monthly'
  ], {
    single: true,

  await form.statement("Perfect, thanks for signing up!", {
    buttonText: 'Submit',
    banner: {
      full: true, 
      imageUrl: ''