Employee Engagement Survey


Find out how your employees feel about work with a survey.

Collect feedback from everyone in the organization, taking respondents through a series of questions that they answer on a scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree.

The survey is defined in code so it's easy to use th same scale for all questions by extracing it out into a variable. You can even grab a list of questions from your database or HR tool on-the-fly for ultimate customizability.

Build on this example by creating an editable copy of this form.
let scale = [
  {label: "Strongly Disagree", value: -10},
  {label: "Disagree", value: -5},
  {label: "Neutral", value: 0},
  {label: "Agree", value: 5},
  {label: "Strongly Agree", value: 10},

export default async function () {
  await form.statement('Thanks for taking the employee pulse survey!', {
    description: 'All responses are completely anonymous.',
    banner: { full: true },

  await form.statement("We're going to take you through a series of questions to help us figure out what we're doing well … and badly", {
    description: "This shouldn't take more than **5 minutes**",

  let options = {
    single: true,
    hideNumbers: true,

  await form.multi("I'm excited to go to work every morning", scale, options);
  await form.multi("The directors have a strong vision for the company's future", scale, options);
  await form.multi("I feel safe at work", scale, options);
  await form.multi("My team inspires me to do my best work", scale, options);
  await form.multi("I feel that I am compensated commensurate with my skills, efforts, and experience", scale, options);
  await form.multi("I receive useful and constructive feedback from my manager", scale, options);
  await form.multi("After work, I have enough energy for my family, friends, and hobbies", scale, options);
  await form.multi("I'd recommend this company as a great place to work", scale, options);

  await form.statement("Thanks, you've made it to the end!", {
    description: "Don't forget to complete the survey below:",
    buttonText: "Complete"