Here's a small taste of the kinds of things you can build with Formulate
Formulate is a programmable form-builder, which lets you design any sort of form, quiz, or survey you can imagine. Literally.
Anonymous Feedback

Allow members of your team to share feedback anonymously with you.

Contact Form

Allow visitors to your website to contact you without revealing your email address.

Customer Contact Form

Provide an easy way for your customers to contact you, either with a message or a structured Q&A.

Employee Engagement Survey

Find out how your employees feel about work with a survey.

Country Flags Quiz

Generate a quiz based on a list of countries in JSON that's fetched at runtime.

Pick a Spot for Lunch

Use the Yelp API to find nearby open restaurants and help teams pick a spot for lunch

Newsletter Signup

A simple way to capture signups for your newsletter. Users can pick how often they want it delivered.

Order Form

Sell your products online: the user picks a product & quantity and then makes a payment, all within the form.

Daily Standup

A quick form for team members to write about the work they're doing every day.

Wordle Solver

Gather input about an in-progress Wordle game and present a live-updating list of valid candidates.