Formulate is a
Relieve the tedium of clicking around a GUI to define conditional form logic.
Formulate lets you build forms with conditionals, loops, variables, remote data fetching and more.
Directly in code.

You build forms with code

export default async function() {
  let name = await form.short("**Welcome!** First off, your name?", {banner: true});

  await form.statement(`Nice to meet you, ${name} 👋`, {banner: true});

  let { value: category } = await form.multi('What can I help with?', [
    {label: "I want an invite to the beta", value: "beta"},
    {label: "I have questions about the product", value: "questions"},
    {label: "I need help with something", value: "help"},

  if (category !== 'beta') {
    await form.long('Please type in your message below');

  await form.short('Thanks! Finally, we need your email address', {
    description: "This is just so we're able to contact you. No spam.",
    email: true,

  await form.statement("That's it! Hit _Submit_ below and you're good to go.", {
    description: "You should hear back from us later today",
    buttonText: "Submit",
We bring your forms to life ✨

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