Here's an overview of the limits Formulate imposes. These are valid as long as Formulate is in alpha, and may be revised in the future.

Feature Limit
Number of forms Unlimited This applies to all forms: with and without an email address attached.
Number of submissions Unlimited We don't apply a limit at this point, but this is subject to the limits of our infrastructure. More details.
Form size 128 KiB An entire published form, including the title and the Javascript code that defines it.
Submission size 1 MiB The size of a single serialized submission payload.


Formulate is certainly not perfect, especially not during the alpha stage. Here's a list of known issues and bugs:

  • If your form creates multiple questions with the same question text, we will only save an answer for the last one. Change the questions' text so they're all distinct, or assign each question a different name.
  • There is currently no light-mode theme, both for the form builder UI and the form itself. This is expected to be fixed in the near future.
  • If you make changes to a published form and re-publish it, it can take up to 5 minutes for these changes to be visible worldwide due to browser caching. If you're embedding a form, this can take up to three hours due to CDN caching and CORS.
  • The form UI doesn't deal well with small screens, especially in landscape mode.
  • Forgetting to await one of the form.* methods that presents the user with a question will sometimes throw up unintelligible errors.

Drop us a line if any of these are a particular pain point for you; having this context helps us prioritize future work.