Question Types

Here's a list of the types of questions you can present to respondents using Formulate. Click through for more detailed descriptions, or look at the gallery for examples.



  • Email: Collect an email address.
  • URL: Collect a website URL.
  • Phone: Collect a phone number.
  • Number: Collect a number.
  • Rating: Collect a star rating.

Make a Choice

  • Multiple Choice: Pick from a small number of options. All options are visible.
  • Select: Pick from a large number of options. Options are hidden behind a dropdown.


  • Payment: Collect a payment.
  • Statement: Show the user some text without asking for a response.
  • Hidden: Save an implicit or derived answer without user interaction.

Global Options

You can customize the behavior of almost all question types by passing in an options object as the final argument. Look at an individual question type above for specific options; here is a list of options that apply to all question types:

Option Type
description string Display a subtitle below the actual question. Markdown supported.
ignore boolean Don't record or submit the answer to this question
banner Banner Display an image, video, or GIF alongside the question. Banner is documented here.
name string Override the question title with this value at submission time
optional boolean Allow this question to be skipped
buttonText string Customize the text of the button that lets you move on to the next question (default: "Next")