Here's a quick look at the major features we expect to ship over the next few months. All dates are estimates. We also plan to continue working on bug fixes and stability improvements during this time, as well as making our infrastructure more scalable and reliable.
If you have a feature request that isn't covered here, post in our community or contact us.

Create forms using code.

Nov 2022
Alpha Release Q4 2022

💻 Command-line access

Create, edit and publish forms (and view responses) directly from the command-line.

Use your favorite editor instead of typing code into a web browser.

Q4 2022
🎯 Submission destinations

We don't have a concrete list of integrations yet, but here's a few in the pipeline:

  • Submissions: Google Sheets, Notion, Airtable
  • Notifications: Slack, Telegram
  • Custom: Webhooks, Zapier, Pipedream
Q1 2023
Beta Release Q1 2023

🌐 Custom domains

Host forms on your own domains/subdomains.

Q1 2023
✨ Themes

Allow picking between a number of prebuilt themes, or roll your own with custom CSS.

💫 Embed external content

Embed Youtube videos, PDFs, maps, tweets, and more alongside questions.

🚀 More question types

File uploads, rankings, CAPTCHAs, signatures, question groups, color pickers and more!

GA Release 2023

🤝 Teams

Members of a team each log in to Formulate and collaborate on the same forms.

📈 Analytics

Integrate with an analytics provider such as Google Analytics or Plausible.